So yeah, fyi to the anons that think they’re super cool questioning whether or not I get 100 messages a day, I think you’ve had enough proof when I just got asked 50 questions in a half an hour.

Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you could possibly give me so advice? If not thats totally okay, it just seems you have rather logical thinking.

Of course but please keep in mind my response will be entirely rational, and some people don’t like that

Anonymous asked: do u know who this is I bet u don't because i want fries and u said all the stores were closed

i bet u invent butts


not really


being a dude explained in one gif


being a dude explained in one gif

Anonymous asked: Why Ireland?

I love the Irish, I love the scenery of Ireland and like 99% of my heritage is Irish

Anonymous asked: Which part of Ireland would you move to? Northern Ireland or just Ireland? Its funny most of the people who have been raised here want to move somewhere else haha

Just Ireland, Dublin.

Anonymous asked: you have a mario mushroom and hat? I have a plushie pikachu and an ash ketchum hate and glove. if we ever met somehow I think a selfie would be in order.


Anonymous asked: if you ever came to ireland, i would get train tickets to wherever you were staying and hug you

Believe me I will come to Ireland if it is the last thing I do

Anonymous asked: I have a red panda cuddle buddy that could eat your plushie mushroom.

nooo :( its one of the mushrooms from mario and i have a mario hat too

Anonymous asked: Will you be remembered as the crazy ones?

i’m so crazy i sometimes cuddle a plushie mushroom

Anonymous asked: i like u v much but i am a lil bird and u are the sky xx

But where else is a bird at home but the sky?

Anonymous asked: I am a fawn! No seriously I'm Bambi.

i’m a person

Anonymous asked: So is your hair naturally curly and you used to straighten it or...?

Yes my hair is naturally curly and I used to get it chemically straightened. Then I got sick of my hair so I shaved it all off and now it’s growing back

yo kiddies my name is john and im an 18 year old from western australia.

i do stuff and make things

alexis knapp is the bae


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